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    Troon Residence
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  • Troon Residence
    Troon Residence
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  • Belmont Residence
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Landscape Design is our Passion, Quality is our Standard

Baldridge Landscape services range from landscape design inception to final installation.

Baldridge-Landscape-Stonework Landscape Design in HoustonThe design process begins with a meeting between the designer and client. The design is informed by the architecture, the genius of the place and the natural environment. Our goal is to seamlessly blend the exterior with the interior of the site. Detailed attention is given to our clients’ needs and the ultimate use of the landscape design.

Cedar Baldridge, landscape designer and owner says:

“I chose to study landscape architecture in Scotland, at the Edinburgh College of Art.  It is the only art college in the world that offers a course of study in landscape architecture. I wanted my landscape studies to be put in a historical context. The history of art and design in landscape is very important to me. Both from a technical and an inspirational standpoint. The historical English/European landscapes has left an indelible footprint on my design principles. I continue to be inspired by the landscape design movements from:

17th century France’s Andre Le Notre with the introduction of the Baroque Movement in landscape
18th century England’s Lancelot “Capability” Brown’s notion of a “natural” green space
19th century’s Gertrude Jekyll and Sir Edwin Lutyen’s arts and crafts movement

I also studied landscape architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Career Discovery Program. I grew my knowledge of the American landscape, beginning with Fredrick Law Olmsted, the father of American landscape architecture through more contemporary landscape architects like Martha Schwartz.”

While browsing the site, please watch and learn as landscape designer Cedar Baldridge demonstrates how to create a beautiful, textural, low maintenance succulent pot. Succulent plants are easy to find, require little attention or water, and can grow under a myriad of conditions, making them ideal plants for apartments and high rises

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